The Cleaver Street Coffee Shop

The Cleaver Street Shop is owned and operated by Cade Eglington, a creative young entrepreneur with bright ideas.

Decked out with top notch equipment such as a Mythos grinder and La Marzocco Linea, paired with Blacklist Coffee Roasters Forte Blend, throw in a few passionate baristas, equals these guys pumping out fantastic caffeinated beverages.

They also have a range of fresh juices, tea, hot chocolate and cakes. Be sure to visit them on Saturdays when they do a breakfast bagel and coffee special.

Cade also runs a Cleaver Street and Co. Studio in West Perth is a creative space where free lancers or small business owners can become a member and use the co-working space as their office environment.

Photo Credit: The Cleaver St and Co. Studio

They are very popular with the locals and people stopping by on their commute to work. Their opening hours are Monday to Friday from 6am to 1pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm.

In the words of Cleaver Street, “Gather ‘round”