2017 ASCA Western Region Coffee Championship



The ASCA (Australia Specialty Coffee Association) Western Region Coffee Championships took place on 29 to 30 October at the Little Italy by the Sea Festival in Fremantle. The categories were Barista, Latte Art, Brewer’s Cup and Cupping. The winners in each category will represent the Western Region (an amalgamation of the states of Western Australia and South Australia) at the National Championships held in Melbourne in March 2017.

Blacklist Coffee Roasters had a strong presence at the competition. Our head trainer Rie Moustakas was a visual judge in the Latte Art competition, and a sensory judge in the Barista competition. Rie had to consume an immense amount of coffees during the weekend. As a judge you have to be fair, respectful and encouraging to the competitors, and help pick the best representative for the region to compete at Nationals.

Our head roaster Gabriel Tan and Operations Manager Htet Myint Aung both competed in the Cupping competition. The competition is won by accuracy and time. Gabe and Htet did well and scored 6 out of 8 coffees right. Htet came 2nd place as he completed his triangulation in a fast time of 2 minutes 31 seconds. It was not enough to beat the winner Jordan Lee who scored 8 out of 8. Jordan is based in the Maldives where he distributes Blacklist coffee.

Htet slurping away

The winner Jordan (second from right), runner up Htet (second from left) and third place Lindsay (left)

We also had competitors from cafes who use our coffee. The Head Chef of Sprolo, Aline Hornoff also competed in the Cupping competition and scored 4 out of 8. Tracey Koh, head barista at Little Matcha Girl, scored 6 out of 8 for cupping with a time over 3 minutes. The time was not fast enough to place but is a great result for her first time competing. Tracey was also featured in the West Australian few weeks ago.

Eisha Ryden-Hale from Blackbox Brewers competed in the Brewer’s Cup and came 1st! This is the first time in Australia that a girl has won a regional Brewer’s Cup competition. This was also Eisha’s first official Brewer’s Cup competition. Eisha did place 2nd in the 2016 WA Aeropress Championships earlier this year. Eisha will compete at the Nationals at MICE (Melbourne International Coffee Expo). The National winner will then go to Budapest, Hungry, to compete at the World Brewer’s Cup.

Eisha brewing El Salvador Finca Himalaya Black Honey Natural in a Chemex for the judges

The list of all winners are shown below (take from ASCA website):

Western Region Barista Championship
Winner Adam Metelmann, Pullman Espresso Accessories
2nd Place Mitchell Fink, Five Senses Coffee
3rd Place Matthew Conclaves, Grouch & Co

Western Region Brewer’s Cup
Winner Eisha Ryden-Hale, Blackbox Brewers
2nd Place Alex Loft
3rd Place Georgina Lumb, Cream

Western Region Pura Latte Art Winners
Winner Joshua Hockey, Cream
2nd Place Georgina Lumb, Cream
3rd Place Ethan Sun, Etro Cafe

Cup Tasting Championship
Winner Jordan Lee
2nd Place Htet Myint Aung, Blacklist Coffee Roasters
3rd Place Lindsay Davies, FiORi Coffee

The competitions were run under World 2016 rules, see links below.

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