2015 ASCA Western Australia Coffee Championships



The ASCA (Australian Specialty Coffee Association) Western Australia Coffee Championships are held annually in the lead up to the National Championships, where the winners in each category go forward to represent WA against the respective winners from other states. In turn, the winners of the National Championships move on to represent Australia in the World Championships.

This year’s event was generously hosted by Typika in Claremont on 22 Novemeber 2014 in the midst of busy Saturday restaurant service.


There was an excellent turnout and it was a great day for some of the best in WA to demonstrate their knowledge and skill. It was truly refreshing to see just how much the standard of the Perth coffee industry has been improved over the last few years.


Blacklist Coffee Roasters had two representatives taking part in the competitions: Co-owner & Head Roaster, Gabriel Tan, and Barista & Trainer, Rie Moustakas.

Rie sure isn’t new to the competition scene, having won the ASCA Australian Latte Art Championship in 2014 and taking out World #4.

She competed in both the Latte Art and Barista Competitions this time round and took out 3rd place in the Latte Art Competition. She also delivered a stunning routine in the Barista Competition using a blend of our Columbia Elata and El Salvador Supersonic to take out 2nd place. Well done Rie!


Gabriel, quite the competition veteran as well (3rd place 2011 ASCA Barista Championship, 2nd place 2012 ASCA WA Competition), stepped up with 6 flawless free pours and won 1st place in the Latte Art Competition! We are so proud of him so do cheer him on as he prepares to represent WA at the National Championship which will be held on 13-15 March in Melbourne.


A massive congratulations goes out to Michael Munroe and for winning the Barista Championship and Ru Te Teo for winning the Cup Tasting Championship. Go Western Australia! All the best in Melbourne!

The list of all the winners are shown below (taken from the ASCA website):

Results from WA Coffee Event leading into 2015 Nationals:

2015 WA Barista Championship:

1st – Michael Munroe

2nd – Rie Moustakas

3rd – Dominic Castledine

2015 WA Latte Art Championship:

1st – Gabriel Tan

2nd – Andy Tseng

3rd – Rie Moustakas

2015 WA Cup Tasting Championship:

1st – Ru Te Teow

2nd – Jonathan Parkes

3rd – Matius Ng