The Golden Bean 2015


This year, Newcastle played host to the Golden Bean Awards 2015. This year saw the competition enter its 10th year and it has now become one of the premier industry awards. The competition draws more than 1200 entries from the top coffee roasters in Australia. This event gives coffee roasters an avenue to showcase their skills and help promote themselves to the national market, which can be difficult considering how far apart some cities are in Australia.

This year, there were 12 different award categories. With dedicated baristas who prepared the coffees in the various brew methods, the panel of judges tasted all the coffees and scored them accordingly. The coffees with the highest scores win.

Blacklist Coffee Roasters is proud to announce that we won a Silver Medal in the Milk-Based Category with our Forte Milk Blend, making it the highest scoring milk based coffee from Western Australia! It only lost out to Sasa Sestic’s World Barista Championship winning coffee which comes in at a much higher price point. We are very happy for Sasa who is a friend of ours and one of our green bean suppliers.


We also took a Bronze Medal in the Single Origin Espresso category with our entry of the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Beloya Natural. A very stunning and clean Ethiopian Natural with notes of Mango and tropical fruit.

So now, when you get a chance, drop by some of our café accounts to taste the Forte Milk Blend. We would love for you to share in what we love doing most – Creating really tasty coffee. Enjoy!

The Forte Milk Blend can be found at the following Cafes in Perth:

1. Babooshka

2. The Shipping Lane

3. Layup

4. Mama’s and Papa’s Place

5. The Boab Takeaway

6. Henry Saw