Northbridge, home to Perth’s Chinatown. It is known for its slew of Asian grocery shops, Asian restaurants and pretty much everything else that is Asian.

However, nestled on Brisbane Street in heart of Northbridge is Layup, Northbridge’s latest inclusion to the Café scene. With soaring ceilings, distressed concrete floors and nice sturdy wooden furniture, this place is as un-Asian as it gets!

Owner-Barista Brendan Ryan’s hospitality game is strong. Belying his young age, he is a veteran of the scene. He has tended his wares at such fine establishments as Steve’s Fine Wine and Food, Gordon St Garage and Hopscotch Bar just to name a few. The customer service at Layup is spot on.

The food offerings are great too, nothing too experimental but good takes on Café favourites. You’ll see baked eggs with feta, chorizo, spinach and toast soldiers, steak sandwiches, breakfast pannacotta with toasted muesli, goji berries and strawberry compote and not forgetting the quintessential Australian Big Brekkie with Cumberland Sausages. Food done well. There is also a cabinet of treats for people on the go, with an awesome range of goodies ranging from Polenta slices to brioche donuts.


Photo Credit: HMA Photos


Photo Credit: HMA Photos

Brendan has chosen Blacklist’s award-winning Forte blend for his coffee program. Forte is made up of high grade Indian, Colombian and Ethiopian coffees and it is no surprise that this blend is the highest scoring milk-blend from Western Australia that came 2nd in the 2015 Golden Bean Competition. A full-bodied, earthy and silky coffee is what you would expect from Layup!


So come on down to Layup for a great feed and awesomesauce coffee!