Blacklist Coffee School

Too many people underestimate the importance of quality barista training. When you think about it, there is a lot that goes into a great cup of coffee. It starts at origin, where farmers have to grow and cultivate their coffee trees. They hand pick each coffee fruit and process the coffee to extract the seeds and prepare them for export. The coffee roasters develop the best roast profile for each coffee and put the roasted coffee through extensive quality control before delivering them to cafes. The café owners have spent thousands of dollars on the best grinders, coffee machines and water treatment so that they can deliver a great coffee to their customers.

But what would happen if all this falls into the hands of an untrained barista? The final product is poor, customers do not come back, business suffers, and the whole journey from crop to cup seems a waste.


We believe that quality barista training is crucial for your business and this is why we created our Blacklist Coffee School. We run classes every week from beginners to advanced courses. We keep our classes small, no more than 4 people, to ensure our attendees receive a lot of hands on experience on the machines and grinders. We also cater to home baristas/ coffee enthusiasts.

Our classes are run by our head barista trainer Rie Moustakas and our head roaster Gabriel Tan. They are always excited to share their experience, knowledge and passion with you.


Rie has more than 10 years of experience in the coffee industry, both as a barista as well as in training, management and consultation roles. Rie has a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and is also a decorated competition barista. After winning the Australian Latte Art Championship in 2014, Rie went on to place fourth at the World Latte Art Championships. More recently Rie came second at the Western Australian Barista Competition in 2015.


Gabriel is the current 2015 Western Australian Latte Art Champion and placed 2nd in the 2012 WA Barista Competition. He was the Head Trainer at Epic Espresso 2010-2012 and the Head Trainer at Barista School Perth 2012-2014. Gabriel is also a Licensed Q Grader.

For more information on our training courses, dates and times, or to book into a course see http://blacklistcoffee.co.id/training/

Our past attendee’s feedback:

Rie was patient, full of knowledge and a great teacher —Dave

Facilitator’s amazing and really knowledgeable. You can feel their passion oozing out in each new thing she teaches. Wish there’s more sessions in one course. —Ben

Perfect! Just what I needed —Diana

It’s the bomb dude!!!! —Dave

Great session – thank you! —Andrew

It was perfect and I would come back further training on latte art etc —Griffin